Hear from the farmers

How the Measure A would impact Humboldt cultivators

"Our family farm has multiple environmental certifications, but the Measure A would amend the general plan to define my farm as "environmentally destructive" because my farm is larger than a quarter-acre."
Dylan Mattole
Mattole Valley Sungrown
"We're building our farm in a phased approach. We have plans to build a new drying shed and barn to support our homestead cannabis business. We wouldn't be allowed to add new structures to our property under the Measure A's definition of expansion."
Hannah Whyte & Riley Morrison
Emerald Queen Farms
"I'm a founding member of Uplift, our Humboldt County growers cooperative. Our goal is to help small farms survive and continue to be contributors to the Humboldt culture we know and love. Measure A would make our job more difficult by putting additional restrictions and requirements on small farmers. We do not support this initiative. "
Drew Barber
East Mill Creek Farms, Uplift Coop Member
farmer 2
"My family and I cultivate 3,000 square feet of cannabis and want to start a microbusiness, which would require additional permits and new structures, both of which would be prohibited if the Measure A were to be approved by voters."
Indicus Riggs
Galactic Farms
"Moon Made Farms is a regenerative Sun + Earth Certified farm. We have plans to expand our solar array, but because we're over 10,000 sqft, we would have to reduce our cultivation footprint by 40% to be able to improve our environment."
Tina Gordon
Moon Made Farms
"We hold three Humboldt County cannabis permits: cultivation, nursery, and cannabis tourism Humboldt County. The Measure A states, "one permit, per person, per parcel." Other cannabis businesses would not be able to access the tourism or nursery opportunities we have, which help improve our businesses' viability."
Johnny Casali & Rose Moberly
Huckleberry Hill Farms