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What is Measure A?

A March 5, 2024 Ballot Initiative

Measure A, formerly known as the Humboldt Cannabis Reform Initiative (HCRI) is a voter initiative that will appear on the March 5, 2024 ballot in Humboldt County. If approved by voters, it would establish 38 pages of new rules and restrictions applicable to all current, legal cannabis farmers in Humboldt.

Written behind closed doors, the HCRI was never made available for public review before its full text was finalized.

While proponents claim the intent of the HCRI is to restrict industrial-scale cannabis cultivation, the reality is Measure A would have devastating effects on cannabis farmers of all sizes in Humboldt, including the very smallest in the county.

“The existing Humboldt County cannabis regulations are intended to encourage a well-regulated cannabis industry, but the HCRI could have the opposite effect by making compliance so difficult that the legal market is rendered not viable in Humboldt County.”
Humboldt County Planning and Building Department Analysis
“[If approved] the HCRI will have dire consequences to the cannabis industry in Humboldt."
Humboldt County Planning and Building Department Analysis
“The HCRI has been written to effectively discourage existing permit holders from modifying their permits in any way. This includes adding infrastructure intended for environmental protections or modification of activities or site configuration to adapt to the evolving industry. These restrictions affect the smallest of farms permitted in Humboldt County to the largest cultivation sites.”
Humboldt County Planning and Building Department Analysis

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The real impacts of Measure A

Evades Public's process Humboldt court house

Evades public process

Humboldt’s existing cannabis ordinances were developed through hundreds of hours of public input, but Measure A's 38 pages of text were written behind closed doors with no opportunity for public review by farmers, environmental groups, county or state regulators, or the public.

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Above Farms photo

Targets small cannabis farms

Nearly all of the rules and restrictions in the Measure A would be applicable to all legal cannabis cultivators, regardless of size, and many of these restrictions would not be possible to comply with.

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Solar Area

Undermines environmental goals

Measure A would undermine the environmental benefits of a regulated market by making legal cultivation non-viable, and its  restrictions on new structures would prevent farmers from adding infrastructure for environmental benefit.

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Cuts the public out, invites lawyers in

Measure A's poor drafting would lead to a flood of litigation, while prohibiting the Board of Supervisors from making meaningful changes to Humboldt’s cannabis ordinances in response to public input.

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